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Our brands

Thanks to the direct cooperation with Moroccan cooperatives we are sure that our products come from reliable source. Certified cosmetic and edible argan oil, prickly pear oil, black soap and rose water are the flagship Moroccan cosmetics for natural care. In our wholesaling offer You will also find original intermediate Moroccan products.

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Beaute Marrakech

cosmetics line based on most natural Moroccan products – the argan oil, black soap Savon Noir, herbal distillates and Moroccan clays


Argan My Love

cosmetics line based on unrefined Shea butter


Drop Of Essence

perfume oils line containing 99% of the argan oil and 1% of the perfume essence



certified argan oils (edible and cosmetic), black seed oils, Rhassoul clay in plates



certified prickly pear oil, cosmetics and products based on prickly pear

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